MISUMI 2 Brushes
MISUMI 2 Brushes
MISUMI 2 Brushes
MISUMI 2 Brushes
MISUMI 2 Brushes

MISUMI 2 Brushes


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Christmas limited set of 2 MISUMI Compact Makeup Brushes set in a Paulownia wood gift box.It has highly-dimensional design unparalleled functionality and ergonomic comfort.Compact makeup brush designed especially for travel, anywhere, any time. It is also the perfect choice for that special someone as a gift.

Set Content
301 3D Multi face Brush
Our 3D Multi Face Brush seamlessly hugs every nook and cranny for uniform powder application on the entire face. The angled shape ensures that the brush tips not only cover the flat areas of the face but also reach into the fine crevices around the nose and eyes. Multipurpose design is also ideally suited to dimensional shading and blush application.
Usage: Finishing, Foundation, Cheek or Shading
303 3D Blending eye Brush
Our Blending Brush gives you the ultimate freedom in eyeshadow application, blending, and shading. Densely packed, triangular bristles fit snugly into the eye crevices for beautiful, natural-looking gradations of color. Also perfect for adding highlights to the cheekbones and eye area.
Usage: Eyeshadow or Highlight
Package: W134×D40×H87mm