Precious Grooming
Tantalizing, soothing delight for the skin

Introducing JIVA, a product line that combines groundbreaking ideas with sophisticated artisan techniques.
Exquisite quality meets luxurious feel in a brush that enriches your daily routine with both excitement
and nourishing calm, transforming grooming into an exquisite ritual for both body and mind.
JIVA genuine brushes transform everyday grooming into a precious ritual for awakening the natural vitality of your skin.


JIVA is the result of relentless questioning coupled with generations of Kumano pride.
Our layered bristle design employs a precision blend of springy bristles of different lengths and textures that glide seamlessly along the skin for a luxurious feel combined with robust cleansing action. Our innovative shapes are a tribute to classic Japanese elegance, infusing your space with sophistication and luxury in a way that celebrates those precious everyday moments. The genuine artistry of the JIVA line is sure to bring a more refined beauty to your heart, body, and mind.

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