Beautiful and so very you.
Anywhere. Any time.
Introducing a makeup brush designed especially for travel.

Of course you want to feel and look your best when you’re out and about or traveling,
so we developed the MISUMI compact series especially for women on the go.
The natural wood handle fits snugly and effortlessly into the hand.
MISIMI means “triangle”, and true to its name, the brush is crafted into a soft triangular form with gentle curves.
The gentle feel of the brush tip delights with every touch, adding a special glow to your skin and your heart.

  • Design

    Exquisite quality meets sophisticated design in this compact brush series made to fit in a small pouch.
    Take it with you when you travel or use it for on-the-go touch-ups just as you would your regular-sized brush.
    The handle is carved from a single piece of wood with no metal fittings, for an ethical design that’s as friendly to the environment as it is gentle on your skin.
    The highly-dimensional design creates unparalleled functionality and ergonomic comfort, for true craftsmanship with attention to every last detail—from beautiful form to practicality and eco-friendliness.

  • Detail

    The MISUMI series includes four brushes: a face brush, a foundation brush, and two eyeshadow brushes.
    They are naturally suited to overall applications, but are also designed with dimensional, triangular heads whose edges are perfect for detailed applications around the nose and eye area as well.
    The angled bristles deliver just the right amount of springiness all the way down to the root, creating a refined look with just a few sweeps.
    The soft touch is the result of practiced artisan techniques, bringing moments of pure joy to your everyday morning routine.

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